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Eagle Brook Church

10% of all Albin Landscapes profits is donated here

Eagle brook Church is the Albin team's second home. We have a strong belief in their mission and thats why we dedicate 10% of every landscape, hardscape, & excavation profit we receive. Eagle Brook provides life changing oppurtunities to 100,000s of people across the globe. They are persistent in their mission of creating community for those who need one & to grow communities that are established. 

Their Mission

"Empowered by God to Reach Others for Christ

Because when people meet Christ, lives are changed, families are transformed, and communities thrive."

About EBC

"We believe everyone’s story matters.

Yours included! Stepping into a church can sometimes feel overwhelming. We're here to put you at ease—no matter your story or relationship to church. Grab a drink from the café, then take in an incredible message with powerful music during the 60-minute service. You’ll get the same experience if you check out an online service—although you will have to make your own coffee."

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